Dubare is known for its elephant camp, a forest on the banks of the River Kaveri in the Kodagu District of Karnataka. It is an important base for the Karnataka Forest Department's elephants. Dubare offers to its visitors fun, rafting and trekking in the wild hilly terrains.

Day Visit: A three-hour nowhere-else elephant interaction is destined to be the most unforgettable experience at Dubare Camp. It kicks off with a 45 minute bath in the Kavery, where you scrub an elephant and groom it with oil from close proximity. You can also participate in feeding the elephants with ragi, jaggery, sugarcane, banana and coconuts. And finally, take a 10 to 15  minute walk with the elephant. 

3 Hours Available all days
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Elephant interaction - Bathing & Feeding
  • Breakfast 
  • GST

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Anything other than the above is considered as exclusions.
What makes this tour special
  • Elephant Interaction
  • Reach Jungle Lodges Jetty before 08:30 AM

  • Drop back to Jetty at 11:00 AM